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Do you want to know what drives your brand today and tomorrow?


We’re fast

We use AI (artificial intelligence) to process and analyse Big Data – that means that we can give you insights and make predictive recommendations for your brand in just a few hours. 24/7.


We’re relevant

Our method helps you secure that you’re using your budget on the right action, using the right arguments. Telescope guides you along the whole customer journey, giving you a chance to fine tune your activities along the way.


Test us

What drives your brand and your business? Give us a few minutes of your time and we’ll give you a first diagnosis to show you what Graviz Telescope can do for you. For free. Maybe we’ll just confirm your gut feeling, maybe we’ll surprise you… Test us


Data driven insights & recommendations

We specialize in the following areas:


Customer Experience

Graviz Telescope will show you what’s most important for your customers.

  • Persona-mapping and analysis

  • Customer insights

  • Incentives analysis

  • Customer journey mapping

  • Digital customer journey mapping


Brand Identity

Graviz Telescope will show you which strengths your brand has vs. your competitors.

  • Positioning analysis

  • Brand insights, where to focus for growth

  • Category insights

  • Brand strategy recommendations

  • Brand attribute analysis and recommendations


Your Message

You will be guided on what to say, to whom, where and when to create the most impact.

  • Campaign analysis and tracking

  • PR and media follow up

  • Analysis of messaging

  • Social media analysis and recommendations

  • Campaign insights for building briefs


Big data

Graviz Telescope will help you extract the commercial effect from all available data.

  • Recommendations on KPI’s

  • Track purchase intent

  • Overview and recommendation on which data sources to collect

  • Predictive analysis and trends

  • Building growth indexes


We are new to the market, but we already show results:


Months in business


Growth insights




Retention rate



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Get the job done in a few days

Following our three step model we deliver insights and advice, fast and accurate


Requirements Analysis

Our expert team of business analysts makes sure the requirements, relevant KPI’s and goals are gathered before we get down to shaping your solution.


Analysis & data collection

When questions have been defined our team of analytics takes over the job. This includes setup of relevant data sources (incl. internal data) to Graviz Telescope.


Insights & recommendations

The result is delivered and presented according to your need.

  • Access to our insight platform to track changes in real time.

  • A dedicated analyst, ready to support you.


 Interested in our AI report?

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